Classical 2-layer golf mats
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Classical 2-layer golf mats


Classical 2-layer mats is one kind of golf practise mats. Golf hitting mats  use the finest nylon turf and great foam base, providing total satisfaction in feel and comfort. They are classical in their construction simplicity, quality constancy and everlasting popularity. Because this unique design, this kind of golf mats is called classical 2-layer mats. It´s very strong.

People who are found of playing golf can complete all their training activities on the mat.With a classical 2-layer mat, you can practise golf or play golf just in house. It was designed with the colour of green which was the same as the real golf course. The advantages of this design are various. Firstly, you may have the same feeling which is the same when you play golf in the real golf course.In this case, you can learn the skills necessary to play golf faster and better. Secondly, you will be more energetic if you are on a mat with green colour. It will be of great use in playing or practising golf.

Be different from most of other golf mats, classical 2-layer mats has double deck design.So it may be stronger than other golf mats.And on the other hand, double deck golf pads are more flexible.Therefore, it will bring more comfortable training experience. Surely,the most advantage this kind of golf mats is that it can help you save much time. With classical 2-layer mats, you are able to do some practice just in house. It help you save much problem, it provides convenience for most people. And at the same time, using it not only can help you save time, but also it can Improve training efficiency. This will help you learn golf faster and better.

If you hear my introduction, you are a little touched. You just can have a try. It will bring you an unexpected feeling. This kind of golf mats is very classical among all golf mats. Classical 2-layer mats will be a good choice.

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