How is the 3D golf practice mat
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How is the 3D golf practice mat


Golf practice mats are used for people who are fond of playing golf to practice golf on it. Today, i will tell you something about a kind of golf mats named 3D golf practice mats.3D golf practice mats with an innovation 3-D damping layer installed between nylon artificial turf and elastic foam, this mat absorbs the clubhead shock to the extreme. So in some way, it will enhance the training intensity of golf lovers.Therefore, it is more challenging.

The textile damping system consists of a highly elastic polymer, having a density of one million small springs per square meter.This design is based on physical and scientific knowledge.It is of great significance to the improvement of the skills of golf trainers. Even if the impact on the mat is very extreme, upcoming forces will be absorbed. It is like hitting on air. It is very challening for most of people who like playing golf.

On the other hand, the color of 3D golf practice mats is designed in the colour named green. .The colour will also play an important role in practising golf. For one thing, green can solve the problem of fatigue, so when you´re tired of practicing golf, you can rely on it to gain your energy. On the other hand, customers can get a good feeling when using the real professional golf mat because it is modeled after the real golf mat.This humanized design is a great addition to the user experience.

Take all the things into consideration, the 3D golf mats will be a better choice for people who like playing golf. Before you make a decision , you are able to do a simple survey of the golf mat, and make a simple comparison between the selected golf mat. At last, you will make a better choice between them.After all these comparisons, you´ll be surprised to find the advantages of 3D golf mats.

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