Yu Quan" members of the sea spring: Fun investment and golf
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Yu Quan" members of the sea spring: Fun investment and golf


Hu Haiquan
Golf basic information
Age: 7 years
Average score: 100
Playing style: playing with spirituality
Frequency: 10 games a year
Morning, a sports equipment Hu Haiquan and Chen Yu Fan suddenly driving the current popular Ninebot No. 9 balance car appeared in the Xi´an Qinling International Golf Course, the reporter quickly went up to inquire about that morning there is a "dry Xianghaiquan Cup" Of the golf tournament held here, and the fund´s management team´s chairman is the recent investment in the artist´s red purple Hu Haiquan. The fund investors and the same as the sea, like golf, with this platform to the ball will be friends, in the Bishan green water to share the fruits of investment and experience and experience. The end of the game, taking advantage of the preparation of the gap, Haiquan happy to accept a brief interview.

Previously often reported that the sea is very close to the sea, extraordinary approachable. This interview also gave me the same feeling.

Reporter: Previously only on the stage, the screen to see you, today in such a way to meet more surprises, you usually play golf? What is the performance of today´s game?

Haiquan: also good, get the most distance award, but the results are not important, it is important and investment partners to play very happy. Because the nature of the work determines that we are busy every day, exercise time is naturally less, but I like the sport, as long as there may be busy sneak out on a play on the health benefits.

Reporter: Today, the game process, there is no share with you some of the views of golf?

Haiquan: When it comes to playing golf, I personally think that: golf and other sports have many differences, the biggest feature is no direct opponent. Everyone is actually playing with himself, all the efforts are not to beat others, but to overcome their own. People who like golf know that an excellent golfer, the key to winning a ball is to keep a calm mind on the pitch and play steadily. Steady swing, is to reduce the risk, control the risk. Playing golf attitude is also suitable for my current investment in the field.

Reporter: how do you comment on golf and investment? Speaking of investment, the current understanding of the sea spring, not only as a musician, but also to the identity of investors to define you. As an artist, had thought of entering the investment field?

Haiquan: First of all, I am an entrepreneur, such as master investment. Entrepreneurship at the same time need to manage their own wealth, their wealth applied to more valuable places, with their own wealth through the operation of capital, the accumulation of more wealth, slow there will be investment in the concept of going to Peking University study EMBA courses, and later also a real investment in several projects, gradually like the investment.

Reporter: your management team currently involved in the management and management of several funds? What is the definition of investment direction? Currently invest in several companies, how is the return on investment?

Haiquan: the current team to participate in and manage the three cross-border relatively large funds. One is highly professional network information security industry fund "Qiming 1", the main partner is currently in this area Asia´s largest Venus´s management team. They are the only country in the country that the country recognized the technology center, the absolute status of the industry and the right to speak, the state of this area of attention and support to the unprecedented height, I am very optimistic about this industry; the second is my work Of this category of cultural and creative industry fund "entertainment workshop", it is honored that our fund managers can be described as "national team". When the founder of the new Oriental Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang, Sohu Zhang Chaoyang and other industry executives are managers. Today, the title of the fund is just set up by our own management of the new fund, the main investment direction is a big health, strategic emerging industries and high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Currently reserves more than 10 companies prepared to vote. Return on investment is not bad. Such as Ninebot (Ninebot) company, they mainly do robot balance car, the two-year balance of the market prospects of the balance of good, young people have to balance the car as a sport to play, play a variety of tricks. And the price is more reasonable, the return on investment is very impressive. Ninebot (Ninebot) company also specifically for the golf tournament sponsored the golf version of the game special car.

At the same time in the vote of other projects, such as Ai Luo Wei projection intelligent giant screen TV, may bring a revolution to the family television subversion. In the afternoon the company will also participate in the roadshow of the fund.

Besides golf and investment in common, I think: golf is a simple surface and boring game, but implied a very esoteric philosophy. On the pitch we can not see the fierce confrontation scenes and players wonderful keen response, but the experience of the movement of people will feel it does show a wealth of wisdom. A ball 18 holes, finish the process is like a microcosm of life. It is very similar to the process of pursuing wealth, to play good results, in addition to the basic quality and batting skills, the key lies in whether there is a good attitude and peace of mind. Golf is undoubtedly a good way to practice yourself.

Similar to golf, many of the concepts of investment are contrary to human habits, small smart here will only be obstacles. Golf is a work with wisdom, because the ball is still, we do not have to hurry to hit the ball, the more easily the better the ball. But almost everyone will be unable to control the force, the more force hit the ball, the more play, we will see very self-cultivation of people often could not help but beat themselves. This is like a smart person in the stock market, to easy to self-defeating, get rich do not need smart, need a good attitude. People actually have enough time to do long and careful planning, but always did not see the rush to make investment decisions, and then always have to pay a heavy price.

Another place for golf to violate people´s thinking habits is "slow". On the pitch, even the talented players such as Woods occasionally have the ball into the bunker, as Buffett has to judge the same mistakes. In addition to the golfer to face the bunker, pond, jungle and other obstacles, as well as to overcome the ball after the mood fluctuations on the next shot to play the impact. However, the strange phenomenon on the pitch is that in order to eager to see the results, everyone can not wait to swing the ball to play out, and then began to regret that they are not ready. In fact, everyone has enough time to prepare the mood and posture, rhythm and orderly to complete the swing.

People who like golf know that an excellent golfer, the key to winning a ball is always on the pitch to maintain a calm mind, a stable swing, less mistakes. Steady play, in order to reduce mistakes, in other words, is to strengthen risk control.

Some people play just maybe to exercise the body and do not have to think too much. But I think that all the truth in the universe should be interlinked, but we have not to observe and realize the wisdom of them. If you want to quickly understand a person, it is easy to know about playing a ball. Because golf is the epitome of life. In the course of a ball, we will have the opportunity to see the companion is what attitude to face and deal with a variety of scenes, usually not show!

Reporter: In the days to come, are you willing to share with you the idea of your investment?

Haiquan: very happy. The process of sharing is the process of learning from each other. Also hope that we recommend some good investment projects to me. In fact, I think it may be the concept of all investors are not the same, but as investment behavior itself, profit is the first appeal, so that value-added wealth and hedging is the most basic demands. On that basis, for me personally it is, I believe that a country´s change is from the cultural change. For example, we are now the economic cycle, the economic development to a certain extent, the existence of social pressure and tension will depend on cultural forces to solve. However, the lack of encouragement and dissemination of education, culture and creativity in our society is lacking in the spirit of contract, so the relationship between people is tense and lacks mutual trust. It may be a bit far away, but this is actually what I want to do: to China´s "cultural power" to do something to change. Changes in cultural power will make

A lot of problems and worries in a country are solved. It can be said that my investment logic is: after the control of capital and resources together to do to change the cultural power of things, which is bottom-up, even through an art field of work, or through a creative product Will bring about change.

Reporter: In some non-professional investment case, in addition to funds, your personal role is mainly in what areas?

Haiquan: I personally as a social brand in terms of, in fact, for the product, the project endorsement, is to give them the credibility of support for the entrepreneurial team to bring a good marketing effect, I play a leverage, or Talk about the role of the catalyst, if necessary, can also be the founding team, the business brand to push the market faster.

Reporter: from the singer to the manager, and then to the investment field of cross-border experience, that the biggest difference is what?

Haiquan: from the singer to the operator is a natural process, many musicians will do their own production company and then to operate. Investment in terms of, such as my interest in mobile Internet and learning motivation, really like I said before, our industry format has become particularly poor, need to find a transition opportunities for export. In fact, I from 204 years, 205 years began to find, learn, began to pay more attention to different industries. Because I believe that a change in the industry needs to rely on technical channels and cross-border combination to be completed, and can not rely on the industry itself to change.

I do not think there is a big difference in this cross-border process, only one thing: is a team creator, or a song creator? In fact, are really works. Everything we do in every society is actually shaping a work. There may be 10 people to create a successful work, called magazines; 50 people to create a work is the U disk; I am a singer by himself or two people to create a work. The only difference is that the test of people in various fields of cooperation.

Can discuss the topic is still a lot, because Yuquan combination afternoon but also to participate in the concert in Xi´an publicity activities, the interview was still in the end. The interview process is very easy, let me no longer look at the musicians to see the sea spring, more investors and sea springs linked together. But it is difficult to imagine just and a golf tournament players to talk about investment, and the players changed the clothing immediately after the concert for their own activities to promote the scene.

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