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Q Golf service system?
A Golf automatic driving system instead of manual on the ball, exercise ball back automatically play, save a lot of manpower, can significantly improve the efficiency of the play at the same time, improve the driving range user experience, the current domestic many driving range have installed green golf for ball system.
Q Which driving range installed green for ball system
A Shenzhen in the middle of golf, suzhou jinji lake golf, jiangsu yancheng taihe golf, jiangsu yixing golf club, golf center changzhou hubin HengTai letter has installed the green red such as automatic system for the ball!
Q Green red automatically for ball system is made up of those parts?
A Green red for ball system automatically by a computer management system. Washing ball room, transfer system, the ball machine, fully automatic machine for ball, display panel and switch button, the ball of recovery system.
Q Independent research and development of green credit those hit golf mat?
A Green, independent research and development on the golf mat has a 3 d blow blow pads, classic 2 layer pad, customer LOGO on cushion, teaching on mat, IMAX combination blow pads, GreenLush blow pads, T - Grass mat.
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