5 star golf mats
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5 star golf mats


Our golf driving range changed a few batches of golf mats, before buying the golf mat is not the Alice is the grass, the response is very smooth golfer, very difficult, and the pad weight is too light, sometimes too hard Will shift, the customer is very unhappy, resulting in many old members come to practice the ball, not to mention the new members!

As a driving range operator, facing the loss of a large number of guests, the heart is very sad. The primary reason for this is the poor quality of golf practice equipment. Therefore, to solve the problem of customer churn, we must first solve the problem of equipment so that exercises Field customers reflow, is burned, a friend introduced the Green Swiss golf pad, their practice ground to buy Green Rui golf mat for 5 years, has been very new!

Out of trust in friends, one-time purchase of the Green Rui Golf 100 3D pad, the driving range of the public playing spaces, private rooms all replaced the new ball pad, and now a few years have passed flash, the ball pad is still there 8 into a new, and the reaction of the softball good players, cushions flexible, swing do not eat pole, head do not stick grass, wind and rain do not Alice edge ... .

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