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Green Swiss Golf mobile site new online


With the rapid development of mobile Internet, surfing the web with a mobile phone has become a habit of more and more people surfing the internet. The mobile Internet is fast and convenient and has been accepted by more and more people. Green Swiss Golf in order to facilitate our customers mobile Internet access, to provide customers with fast, accurate and efficient service, launched a special green Rui Golf Mobile Website

The main difference between mobile handsets and computer websites is simplification and emphasis. Computer sites are relatively more detailed, while the phone site due to consider the size of the phone screen itself, the phone station is generally relatively simple, the content is clear. Green Rui Golf Mobile Station In addition to the above features, the system also comes with a key dial keys, a key send SMS key, a key company Baidu map key, customers do not need to enter the phone number, you do not need to find the company address to enjoy Green Rui immediately Golf provides the most convenient and attentive service, and can quickly and clearly know the company´s detailed address and driving directions.

Green Rui mobile phone website in the market based on the mobile phone technology and system upgrade, the widescreen, big screen, narrow screen three screens one at a variety of terminal hardware access (such as tablet, mobile) can automatically match the best screen Size, software on the Green Swiss mobile phone website compatible with Apple system, Andrews system, Saipan system, Windows Mobile system and other commonly used smart phone systems.

As a well-known company in the golf industry, Lvrui people always walk in the forefront of the industry and devote themselves to provide one-stop products and service solutions for the golf driving range. With the Lvrui golf automatic feeding system fully entering the domestic golf driving range, Green Rui company will use professional skills, attentive service to promote the process automation field and revenue ability to enhance!

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