3D golf mat into the many driving range standard
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3D golf mat into the many driving range standard


In recent years, Green Golf Golf technology developed by 3D golf mat more and more favored by the market, many golf driving range at home and abroad repeated procurement, 3D golf mat developed in 1998, is China´s first golf pad producer , Won a number of patents!

Currently! Green Rui 3D golf pad domestic market share has exceeded 70%, and in the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries have a loyal customers; 3D golf mat imported nylon grass + 3D fabric + High-elastic shock-absorbing cotton special structure, the development of golf to make a milestone. The 3D fabric space created by it contains millions of springs per square meter, almost all of which absorb the impact of the head, greatly protect the batter´s wrist joints, while reducing the bottom of the foam hit the ball, To a certain extent, extended pad life ...

In order to meet the needs of different golf driving range, we have developed a 3D anti-slip rubber sole pad, a 3D long grass combo pad, a 3D golf teaching mat, a 3D customer´s LOGO pad, a 3D golf ball feeding system System-specific pad, we will use professional forces to enhance golf driving range hardware image, to create more quality products, many friends welcome the golf industry cooperation agency, and jointly promote the development of golf!

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